Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

This is the view from my window. Why does snow always seem so quiet and peaceful?
I've never seen bluebirds at the feeder before. Their presence makes me happy.
It's truly a day of peace and happiness. PRM


The Ridge School said...

My MIL always believed they were a sign of luck and peace... I sure have high hopes, and will shed many a tear today. I loved watching the old guard from Atlanta (John Lewis and Joseph Lowery). It must be an amazing day for them.

Ruth in NC said...

Luck and peace - we sure need some of both right now.

It was wonderful to watch today. We had to go outside and blow up some fireworks just to release some of the tension and excitement.

I heard John Lewis on Fresh Air sometime in the last few days. I love his voice, his accent.

Lorna said...

Gorgeous birds, we have nothing like them here.
What a wonderful speech. I loved every word of it. He spoke to, and understood, everyone. Our news programmes here in the UK were put on hold for the ceremony and speech (unheard of).
What a man, what a day.