Saturday, January 17, 2009

Frozen bubbles

It is very cold here this morning, 11 degrees when we got out of bed. I was inspired once again by Lorna who posted this earlier in the month. I had to try this myself.

The bubble stuff was in my car trunk where it was a frozen mass. After microwaving it and then letting it chill again, I was ready. The wind was a problem, scattering the bubbles widely and destroying many but I did get some photos.

You can see that it is starting to pucker a bit. Initially the air inside the bubble was warmer than the ambient air but it is beginning to cool. This will decrease the air pressure inside.

Here it is collapsing.

And this is a shell, all that is left. There were many such shells around where I had blown many bubbles but few stayed around for pictures.

Who but a homeschooling mom would crawl around on the frozen grass and take pictures of bubbles in 11 degree weather? It was fun, too. PRM


The Ridge School said...

I love this experiment! And yes, we hs moms are a bit unusual.

Lorna said...

I love how you got a shot of it collapsing! There has to be some compensations to getting up in the morning to such low temperatures. Weird, but wonderful things frozen bubbles.