Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Biology lab 3/3

Cow eye dissection was done by me per instructions found here. There is a video to watch and the site has written instructions as well. This was a bit disgusting. I had to do it as only one teen volunteered to dissect and he was a little too enthusiastic, KWIM. He has a tendency to be a bit too blunt in his dissections. And I think he was bluffing.

The lens is on the left. It is fun to read print through the cow's lens, which should magnify the image. Our specimen was too opaque to see anything through unfortunately.

The blue-green back of the eyeball is tapetum, which is light reflective and enables night vision. It's what makes the cat's eye shine in the headlights. I guess a cow's eye would shine in the headlights, too.

"Arrgh, I see me retinal capillaries".

I found instructions here to visualize your retinal vessels but I had to alter them. I couldn't get the original technique to work for me. Pirate eye patch was just part of the alterations.

I used this site to map our blind spots.

Then we went to lunch. I'll try to add a picture of the kid's shooting pool under a Miller Lite sign. Just another homeschool field trip. PRM

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