Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I love the smell of snark in the morning

"The President carries the greatest burden, obviously."

Maybe not so obvious. I suspect that 4000 families feel burdened. Children burdened by the loss of a mom or dad. Parents burdened by the memory of burying a child.

Speaking of the all-volunteer force, he said, "I am struck by the caliber of the people who do what they do...how much they are committed to the cause to defend the nation."

Unspoken, "You didn't see George and me volunteering. We aren't that noble*." PRM

*I say noble but I suspect that Cheney and Bush feel superior to these soldiers. They were too smart to volunteer. In fact they were just too privileged and didn't need to join. And Bush got a National Guard post that was, at that time, a cushy way to stay out of danger.

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