Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another crusader

JP wondered what you get for $4000.

I'm thinking about 10 hours with a divorce attorney.

I will not post the picture with his wife. She doesn't deserve it. PRM


Auntie H said...

Am I missing something here? What exactly did he do to lose his entire career?

BTW, Happy Birthday a day early!!!!!!!

I love you,

Aunt H

Ruth in NC said...

Hope you are feeling better.

I think if you build your career on self-righteousness and intolerance for the foibles of others, you're hosed when your own illegal behavior is revealed. I think his political career is destroyed but, unless he is convicted, I assume, his legal career should be intact. You're the legal scholar, am I right?

Thanks for the birthday wish. This one is bothering me a bit. Or maybe I'm just tired and feeling old.


Auntie H said...

Nah, I don't think his legal career is gone, unless they're able to tie the behavior to something he did in his official capacity or as an abuse of power or misuse of public funds, which I think none of this is. From what I heard, the young lady didn't even know woo he was. I guess they didn't have much conversation. ;-) Lawyers are a pretty drinking, drugging, screwing bunch, so it might even enhance his legal career.

I hope you find peace with this birthday. No matter your age, you've always been one of the youngest people I know because of your thirst for knowledge and love for your family and sense of adventure. Don't let the number (which is not that high a number, anyway) bring you down!


Auntie H