Monday, March 31, 2008

Who Dun It?, aka Biology Lab 3/31

A crime scene, could be in anyone's home but today it is in ours.Someone has broken into the kitchen and vomited. How rude is that! S/he also left a blood stained calling card and a knee high stocking with hairs.
Shoshie, a CSI fan(atic, in the past) hands out the plastic gloves so everyone can gather the evidence.The evidence is bagged, labeled and sent to the lab.

This is a multi-week lab from Forensics in the Classroom. We are doing the Cafeteria Caper, adjusted to our kitchen. This group of forensic lessons centers around biology/biochemistry which made it perfect for an end of year project. Much of it will review genetics, chromosomes, Punnett squares, as well as detecting carbohydrates and protein. And it should be fun. Today was just the set-up.

There were some interesting theories as to who committed the crime and why. We'll just have to see what the evidence shows. PRM

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