Thursday, May 15, 2008

Days 4 and 5

Day 4 was a long, 260 mile trip from West Memphis, Arkansas to Alma, Arkansas in wind and rain. The fact that it was largely uneventful is a good thing.

Day 5 was an even longer, 450 mile trip across Oklahoma to Amarillo, Texas. The day was lovely, at least after lunch. Oklahoma is the only state on this trip that I have never visited and it looked much like I thought it would. Yakov provided a musical background with Big Sky Country by Chris Whitley. We saw wind farms and the "world's largest cross", possibly in Texas. JP took this picture and I don't remember which state we were in.

We decided to spend a day in Amarillo. We need a respite and there are some things here that sound like fun. Cadillac Ranch? Pictures and details later.PRM

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