Friday, May 2, 2008

Ready to travel

When I was 13 or so, my parents, a friend and I headed west from our Tennessee home on a family trip. We traveled through the flat cotton fields with shotgun shacks in rows by the road, through Arkansas and into Texas. Somewhere in Texas we stopped and decided where we would go next, Mexico or Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. In the previous 2 years, we had spent a total of several months in central Mexico, so we chose to do something different and go to Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. It was a wonderful trip.

That was the kind of traveling I grew up with, somewhat spontaneous, and that is how I like to travel now. It is a little tougher to do with the trailer since we have to plan our next stops to make sure we can find a campground. But I have gambled a bit on this upcoming trip. We have reservations for the Grand Canyon, Memorial Day weekend and the night before JP has to fly home. The rest of the time we can plan as we go.

I love to travel. The last few hours before we leave on any trip tend to be tense. I'm ready and JP just thought of something else to do. We never leave on time. The first trip we ever took together we had to stop at the car radio shop and get a new radio before we could leave town. JP hasn't changed but I have gotten better at keeping myself busy on the day we are leaving.

But when we pull out of the driveway, I could not be happier. Any anger or tension just melts away with the first mile.

Only 7 more days. PRM

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