Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quick update, Days 1, 2 and 3

WiFi has been unreliable in the places that promised WiFi. That was our experience last year when traveling, as well. I am doing pretty good this morning because it is still early and I guess not a lot of people are online yet.

Day 1 We left mid-day and had an uneventful day.

Day 2, Mother's Day Well, I always have a good day on the road. The trailer was decorated with a beautiful flowers and vase sent to me Friday by the Big E, my oldest son, and his family. We spent the afternoon with my mom and dad. My mom fixed a delicious lunch which did not seem appropriate for Mother's Day but that didn't stop our eating it. The kids mostly cleaned up the dishes for her. The weather was bad for traveling, the wind 25 - 30 mph, making that trailer twist and turn so we did not travel far after leaving my parent's house.

Day 3 We left with a plan to have lunch with my MIL, SIL and nephew. But about 70 miles into the trip, we had a problem. We spent 5 hours in a rest area on I40 waiting for a repairman to come out from Nashville to fix the trailer. Fortunately it was a lovely day. We played cards at a picnic table, rode bicycles, listened to music and enjoyed the day. When we finally were back on the road, we stopped just past my in-laws' city and met them for dinner. That was a lot of fun.

Day 4 plan Drive across Arkansas, hoping for no problems.

Pictures when I have good WiFi. PRM

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