Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shoshie and Yakov's Wild West Adventure

Day 7 was a long, 230 mile trip across New Mexico to Gallup. We arrived about 7pm and Shoshie and Yakov decided to take a walk through the desert area around the campgrounds.

First they came upon a prairie dog village. They watched the busy little creatures for awhile.

Then they wandered across a field until they came to a cow skull wired to a gate. They wisely turned back.

While walking down the road they heard a rattling sound and saw this fellow. I'm not sure if it was smart to stay long enough to take a picture but they did.

So what adventure is left to them in the West? PRM

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Aunt H said...

Good lord! It's as if they were at a Wild West theme park--an extremely realistic one!!

Good talking to you guys this morning.