Monday, May 5, 2008

Testing, voting, and packing week

It will be a busy week here as we finish the school year and pack up to travel for a few weeks.

Noach needs to complete state-mandated standardized testing. Actually my kids have always, except for that one time, enjoyed testing. Perhaps it is because we always test in the morning and then go to the movies or some other fun activity in the afternoon. This year testing week will not be as much fun as there is too much other stuff to do.

Shoshie is the one who had an unpleasant testing experience. It was our first homeschooling year and she was in the 2nd grade. I could not imagine doing standardized testing at home. That sounded like professionals needed to be involved, so we did testing through the local, "inclusive" homeschooling group. It was inclusive in that any Christains could join, but we were just realizing this. I don't know what Shoshie said, and anyone who knows Shoshie could imagine that she might say almost anything. But some little girl told Shoshie she was going to hell because she didn't believe in Jesus. Needless to say, that disrupted her testing experience for the year. We began testing at home the next year. And found a truly inclusive group.

Shoshie needs to finish OSU Spanish this week so she can start Spanish 2 in August. She needs to finish her Geometry chapter.

Yakov has finished all his community college courses. He needs to spend some time on OSU German. And work on Algebra 2.

Jasper needs to go to the vet for a manicure before he spends the next month in the trailer or car with the rest of us.

I need to ..., well, the list is too long.

BUT tomorrow, Yakov and I will vote. It will be his first time. My secret hope is that someday I will be voting FOR Yakov, who I think would make an excellent politician. Then sometimes I think that is like saying your beautiful daughter would make a great hooker. PRM

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Mrs. G. said...

I can see where being cast to the fires of hell might distract from the test taking process. Geez...